Top 7 Movies of 2017

2017 might not have been a great year politically, but I do think it’s been a rather exceptional year for movies. What films made it into my top 7? And what criteria did I apply? Read on to find out!

The Best Cinderella You’ll Ever Get To See

Screened every year on Christmas Eve with all the TV channels constantly fighting over the screening rights, and as any Czech would tell you, there’s no Christmas without our beloved Cinderella – Three Wishes for Cinderella that is. I can guarantee you’ve never seen a fairytale as charming as this one.

Christmas Essentials aka the films we all love

No, I’m still not over the moon by the thought that it’s Christmas Day next week (OMG!…) but bit by bit, I’m getting in the mood for some of my favorite Christmas movies. And since I’m the movie girl here, I thought you’d like me to share some of these with you πŸ˜‰

What’s your all time favorite Disney film?

First of all, I need to clarify two things: 1) When I say Disney film what I really mean is the animated movie. That’s where it all started and that’s what ‘Disney’ will always mean to me. 2) For me, Disney movies are not something for kids only – it’s a genre. A genre, that holds the most magic of all cinema.

My Ultimate Summer Picks – August Edition

After all the adventures with Indiana Jones, Zorro and a little dreaming of Provence and Tuscany, August usually asks for a bit more profound fun. But only in a very limited dose. I still need more of the adventures and laugh-out-louds. In August edition you will find a bit of everything.

My Ultimate Summer Picks – July Edition

I’m not gonna lie to you – summer is not the best time for indie films. At least not for me. It doesn’t mean I don’t watch any, but I tend to watch my all time summer picks for the most part. And those include mostly adventure, comedy and romance. If you can mix it all together, then all the better!