Welcome to my blog!

cropped-snapshot_20170309_131711_foto.jpgAnd just give me a sec to introduce myself to you…

I’m 29 years old, Cinema Studies graduate, with 6 years experience of working at an International Film Festival (part of which in Film Acquisitions).

I love movies. I believe in their power to inspire and empower each and every one of us (read more on that here).

However, my search for inspiration is not limited to film.

I’m a natural storyteller and I look for stories everywhere I look – movies, books, or even songs and music. I consider food and fashion to be extensions of storytelling, too. With nature being the best story of them all.

…and that goes in hand with the search for inspiration.

I believe in healthy lifestyle and that what we eat matters. Which is why I joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and why I’m also a huge supporter of the Food Revolution Network. I also believe that it’s Crazy Sexy to juice your veggies.

…however, I also believe in balance, so there’s always room for some cake or chocolate …or a chocolate cake (and probably still a little too much) when I’ve been good.

I believe life can be Boho Beautiful.

And I believe there’s no love like cat love.

I believe in taking the roads less traveled and living our lives to the fullest.

I hope you do, too.

And I hope to see you around!


P.S. Don’t forget to check out All You Wanted to Know About Me But Were Too Afraid to Ask for more! 😉

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