All you wanted to know about me but were too afraid to ask


Me who sucks at taking selfies

I am a storyteller and an aspiring author since the age of 7.

I talk a lot.

I am a Czechoslovakia born (Bratislava), Czech Republic raised with one-third Hungarian blood from my dad’s side (and rumor has it those Hungarian ancestors were actually counts and countess!… which explains a lot).

I am said to be a daughter of a (beautiful) witch, which explains a lot, too.

My first cinema experience was All Dogs Go to Heaven and I will always remember it.

My first on-screen love was John Smith from Disney’s Pocahontas. (I know he’s a cartoon character, alright, but he’s blonde and beautiful so give me a break!)

I grew up on watching the West-German/Yugoslavia Winnetou films with a dad who as a kid wanted to become Old Shatterhand when he grows up.

…hence my love for romantic heroes like Zorro, Robin Hood, or even Sully from Dr.Quinn.

…which probably resulted in my high standards  for men.

My most life changing cinema experience was the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring which became the reason I went to study film.

My most intense cinema experience was Interstellar and I do believe Christopher Nolan is a genius (I mean seriously, does it still spin?!).

I LOVE Robert Redford, the director. He’s my biggest inspiration of all. (But Robert Redford, the actor, is not too bad either).

I also love Leonardo DiCaprio – the actor, and the enviromentalist.

Leonardo also happens to be my cats’ favorite brand of dry food (so all in sync here).

When I was 15 I hoped I’ll be married to Orlando Bloom by now. Sadly, I only got to work with a guy who knows him and worked with him on two of his films.. which turned out to lead nowhere (yet).

I dream of a romantic dance night with Fred Astaire alike.

I dream of being saved by Daniel Craig’s Bond. James Bond.

…or I want to live in the times of Zorro (insert Antonio Banderas’ face here) and be saved by him.

I am simply looking for someone as Magnifique as Jean-Paul Belmondo’s Bob Saint-Clar.

I love cats and I believe I have been one in my previous life. Hopefully, I will be one again in my next.

(…though if that doesn’t work out, can I be a figure skater, please?)

I grew up with strong female characters like Angélique, Scarlett O’Hara, Sissi, Michaela Quinn, M.D. or even Xena (although I always liked Gabrielle better) and I try to follow their lead and be as strong and independent as they were.

…Or as cool as Judi Dench’s M from the James Bond movies since we share the same initials.

I am the living example of Willy Wonka. Seriously. My mom (yes, the witch) runs a chocolate business and together we make handmade chocolates just like in the Chocolat movie – but sadly, without Johnny Depp. (follow on Instagram if you don’t believe me!)

My favorite food is chocolate (naturally). My favorite drink is coffee – as the saying goes: A day without coffee is like… just kidding I have no idea!

I am constantly working on my Limits of Control.

I love Friends. The tv series and my real friends. Although after several hundreds of re-runs I do consider Friends my friends.

Some people say I am a living Gilmore.

I was convinced I have found my Mr. Big but either I was wrong or we have not broken up enough times yet so wish me luck.

I want to find a loop in time like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris.

I have a serious envy for Blake Lively‘s hair.

I love fashion and I dream of walking the red carpet one day just so I could wear one of the (preferably) Elie Saab dresses (although Dior would do, too).

New York City is my favorite city in the world, Vienna my oldest love and London my second home.

I love French patisserie and I think Paris must be the tastiest city in the world. Talking of which…

…I love to bake and cook! I am a self-proclaimed Jamie Oliver of my kitchen.

I have a severe obsession with collecting mugs (and porcelain in general) for which my grandparents are to blame.

I love the color of purple. Possibly because purple is one of the first colors you see in spring while my birthday is one of the first spring birthdays you see in your calendar.

I love roses. And tulips. And everything that blooms (there comes the Bloom crush again!) and I think lilacs have the most amazing scent in the world (and they are purple, so it just all comes together, doesn’t it!), although freesias are some serious competition. I also love peonies.

My garden is my sanctuary.

I could not live without some serious excercise. I need my endorphins! (other than from chocolate).

I have tried to stop the time on several occasions, most recently last December when I was in NYC, but sadly without any success despite being a witch.

I hope I will find Love Actually.








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