Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Self Confidence Boost

Are you heading for a job interview and you’re really nervous about it?

Are you facing a challenge at work and doubting your skills?

Are you about to go on a date with that one hot guy and you need just that little self confidence boost? Or perhaps you know you need to walk away from something (or someone) and you’re not sure how..

Or maybe you just feel like you’re not good enough and need to boost your self-esteem to just face the day and the world.

Whatever the struggle is, I have a cure for you.

Watch Wonder Woman.


Yes, I’ve said it.

Not a comics fan? Well, trust me – me neither. But I’ve heard so much good about the new version of Wonder Woman that I simply had to give it a chance. And I’m telling you, this film should be compulsory to watch for every woman.

I was on the plane to the US and full of doubts myself and I wasn’t feeling exactly self confident. I felt excited, yes. Not super low, but wasn’t at my best either. In fact,  I haven’t been for a while. I was nervous about many things. And meeting a guy I really liked for the first time was among them, too.

And as I sat for couple of hours, just thinking and thinking, I decided I should probably watch something to give my thoughts a break. To my surprise Wonder Woman was on offer and  I thought what better time to finally catch up, right?

I was hooked and totally blown away since minute one!

Wonder Woman might just be the best superhero film that’s ever been made. I mean, there are MANY that I’ve not seen, I know.. so I probably shouldn’t be the one to make that kind of statements, but honestly.. my heart was racing with excitement with every scene!


First of all, Gal Gadot is absolutely amazing in that role. She’s so damn beautiful, but also her self confidence and her unspoiled view of the world – the good and the bad – and her honesty are so contagious.

She says what she thinks, she goes for what she believes is right and she never for a second doubts her decisions or if she should go along with them.

She’s fearless. She’s fearless because she sees things for what they truly are – no excuses, no bullshit. And like that, our world really is not that complicated.

When she can’t understand the people around her and why they don’t try harder or take certain actions, she simply takes things into her own hands and does what should be done.  She’s the perfect embodiment of the words: Be the change in the world you want to see.

Plus she’s really cool.

And yet – she remains a woman – and a very beautiful one for that matter.

wonder woman 4

She’s independent. Strong. A woman all of us should strive to be.

She doesn’t take no for an answer if it doesn’t make any sense to her.

And when the guy she slowly falls for disappoints her by his decisions, she simply walks away. She’s not looking back or doubting her decision. He’s disappointed her because he didn’t do what she believed was right. That’s enough.

Oh, I wish I was that strong.

God knows that’s one thing I need to work on myself. To walk away… and not look back. Stop trying to find excuses for things there are no excuses for nor explanation.  See things for what they truly are. Never to sacrifice what I believe in for anyone. I think that’s the road to true happiness.

Because sometimes things really are just black and white. It’s that simple. And I think that’s the biggest lesson Wonder Woman gives.

We have made our world  and our lives so damn complicated, so corrupted that we fail to see what is right and what is wrong and we feel like there are no simple solutions. But there are. We just need to want to see them. And not overthink. And we need to take actions. We need to be the change in the world we want to see, just like Diana is.

Oh, I loved the film so much.

It shows the feminine power in its greatest form. The world has always been ruled by men and look where we got… perhaps it’s time for women to step up? Perhaps the time has really come. Because we might just see things differently after all..

I can tell you, watching the film just made me so proud to be a woman! And I wanted to be just like Diana. In a way I could so relate to her.


No, I’m no fighter nor a hero and definitely don’t have any superpowers and couldn’t stand up to an army. But all my life I’ve always voiced my opinions and never been afraid to say what I believed was right, though for that reason I’ve walked through my life alone for the most part and somehow misunderstood. Because I’ve seen the world with different eyes than most. Less complicated. More honest.

But I have not been loud enough. I have not been confident enough about what I believed in. Perhaps it’s time I was.

Wonder Woman may not be the most artistic film ever, but it’s fun, it’s epic (did I mention the soundtrack?!) and it has just the right amount of heroism we all need. Women are portrayed as powerful and not just some standbys. They take things into their own hands. And they can succeed in the men’s world, even take control of it, their greatest assets being love and compassion.

Yes, believe it or not Wonder Woman is at its core especially about love. Love for the world we live in, love for all the human beings.

Just… go and watch it, if you haven’t yet. As for me, I’m about to watch it again but this time on a proper-sized screen. And I can’t wait.

Wonder Woman is the ultimate self confidence boost, though it might be a little hard to put into words why. You just have to watch it for yourself and feel it.  And trust me, it doesn’t get better than that. I bet you’ll be ready to step out and conquer the world once you’ve seen it.

…and God knows I need that kind of self confidence boost right now! I need to find the Diana in me, cause I know damn well she’s there.

P.S. I forgot to mention – Chris Pine is just too cute ❤ 😉


28 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Self Confidence Boost

  1. Loved loved loved this post!! Not only is it a movie review, it’s so much more! And I can relate on so many levels “Because sometimes things really are just black and white. It’s that simple.” It was a timely reminder for me and I’ll be sending it to friend who also needs to not only watch the film but read this too! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much Abi!! Your comment makes me so happy – yes, I strive to write more than just film reviews, I tend to look for the lessons and messages in films, so if you enjoyed this one, I hope to see you around for more 🙂 and thanks so much for sharing it with a friend, that’s probably the biggest compliment yet ❤

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  2. I totally agree with you!! I love this movie so much and it made me feel powerful just watching it! I have 3 teenage boys and I loved watching it with them and having them see a strong woman as a lead role. And ditto…Chris Pine is adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really enjoyed the movie too! I watched it with my daughter (who is 4) …and I was overjoyed to have shared it with her. Her archetype is totally within all of us and when we choose to remember that part of us that is a wonder, we would be UNSTOPPABLE. Thanks for putting this post together – it’s delightful!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. YAS GIRL! I loved Wonder Woman for the reasons you listed above and more (more being further talk of Chris Pine – Hello! Haha!) But it’s true. It’s such a booster and it’s an amazing film for little girls. We women need more positive role models!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really enjoyed the movie also, and I think it is sad that it was banned in certain countries such as Lebanon simply because Gal Gadot is Israeli. I think she is an amazing Wonder Woman and brings great sensitivity and compassion to the role.

    Liked by 1 person

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