When Have You Had the Time of Your Life?

Yesterday, I looked into the calendar and saw the date – August 24th. It’s been five months to the day since my 29th birthday. Seven more to go – to the big 30. Yeah, I’m almost half way through my last year of my twenties. Is it a good one so far? Am I making the most of it? I should make sure to do, right? How will I remember my last year of my twenties? I certainly don’t want it to be remembered as a time wasted.

And how will I look back at my twenties as a whole? Will I look back and think man, I’ve had the time of my life?

dirty dancing 2

I’m looking at one of my recent Instagram posts about how Dirty Dancing celebrated its 30th Anniversary this week and I’m thinking wow, Dirty Dancing and me are almost the same age. While Baby and Johnny have had the time of their lives 30 years ago, I can’t help but think that I too, have had the time of my life already.

At least that’s how I think of the six years working at the film festival and probably always will.

I was working with my best friends and going to the office always felt like meeting up with friends rather than going to work. We laughed, we had fun and all the while had a lot done. It’s funny, one would say a team like that would not be very productive, but it was quite the opposite. We were so effective simply because we were enjoying ourselves so damn much. It wasn’t a job for us, it was pure joy. And fun.

I was doing what I loved. I was surrounded by people I loved and who loved me back. I was having too much fun and making so many great memories along the way, which quite frankly will never get old. I’ve had the undying support of my friends. And I met the man of my dreams. That job gave me everything I ever dreamed of and I felt in every sense that this was indeed the time of my life. We all had.

However, as they say, all good things come to an end, and so I celebrated my 28th birthday at what was to become our last year there.

Our little dream team had broken up by circumstance out of our reach, my love life along with it. All seemed to be gone and we very much agreed that the time of our lives has passed.

More than a year later, I’m still thinking of those years with so much love and feel sad that chapter had to end. These years define my twenties. These years are what I will think about when I will think of the time of my life.

But after a year looking back, missing something I’ll never get back, all the while looking forward into my 30s, I refuse to believe that you can only have one time of your life.

Perhaps, there’s such a thing for every decade. Something that defines it. Something that makes you feel alive yet again in very much the same way. It’s not gonna be the same or feel the same. But it certainly will be worth it. It will be different but any less special.

Plus I still have more than a half of the last year of my twenties ahead. So, I have time not only to do all the crazy stuff I want and to make sure that my wave goodbye to my twenties won’t be a pitiful one.

After all, they all say 30’s are so much better!  Well, I’m still not convinced of that, and would much prefer to keep the ‘2’ as the first number indicating my age, but sooner or later (in fact in 7 months exactly) I’m gonna have to prove them right! Because I surely don’t want to prove them wrong, for my own sake 😉

So yeah, let’s use these last 7 months to enjoy life a little more. To risk a little more. To take a leap. And perhaps to plant the seeds of the future times of my life.

After all… do you really believe Baby and Johnny remained together after that summer? I don’t. I simply believe that summer has remained a dear and important memory, something they will always cherish and never forget, something that shaped them into the people they were meant to become. But something that has come to an end along with the summer. Though never really to an end in their hearts. And that’s how it’s always gonna be for me.

Without those years, there would not be me. Without those experiences, I would not be me. And without that much fun, I would not know the fun life can be.

So, I’m taking that time with me everywhere I go as a reminder of all of the above. And as a reminder why I want more. More of life. More of love. More of everything.


27 thoughts on “When Have You Had the Time of Your Life?

  1. What a good read. I remember me worrying about being 30 till the age of 25 – the year I got divorced from the man I thought to be the love of my life. We got married only one year before after 8 years relationship before – and he started cheating on me with a good friend just one week before we married. But I also remembered I always felt old by his side – I felt as I would never become 30, I could not imagine to be 30 and above back then.
    After the divorce I just fell into a deep hole. Then I met my husband – and we had the time of our life together, did all the stuff we could not do in our recent relationships for about one year. And then we became parents – and now I will be 35 in a few month and even cannot remember my 30th birthday. Age is just a number 😉

    I would like to nominate your blog for the Mystery Blogger Award – you can find the details here

    Kind regards and thanks for sharing this inspiring thoughts with us,

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  2. Indeed, the twenties, the thirties, the forty’s …
    Each stage with its own fun, yet from a different perspective. It’s own memories and even it’s own pain. Each it’s own accomplishments and milestones. Enjoy your twenty’s yes but also look forward to your thirties it could very well hold “the time of your life.”

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      • Martinis are the answer! And a great girls night! They say orange is the new black… 30 is DEFINITELY the new 20! I can say I am having a better time now than I did 10 years ago. At 30 we launched our blog! And our family is having fun with it. And “happily single” the important part- HAPPY!

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    • I know right? It’s just the society’s expectations that make you feel conscious about the age! But… I refuse to let my life be ruled over by some numbers! 😉 btw big fan of your blog! ☺️

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  3. I’m having a way better life now I’m in my 30’s. That’s why life is so great and time should be cherished. We’ve got so much life ahead of us to create even more long lasting, beautiful memories. Life is what we make it! Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

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  4. There is way too much focus on age nowadays and I’m a firm believer that happiness or whether you can have the time of your life is certainly not driven by age but by your own (not other people) choices or opportunities that life brings along.
    As nice as it is to look back at times one should look forward to create new memorable experiences. Dwelling on the past can hardly ever help especially that we tend to compare way too much, well we should learn from our mistakes of course but focus should remain on new great adventures and experiences.
    I wouldn’t worry about what society thinks or expects from you because it’s your life and happiness afterwards.
    People usually measure others through their own experiences and expectations and very often those are something to avoid rather than follow the same life journey. 🙂
    Your blog is brilliant, keep up the good work! just think how many people you make smile each day through your great posts 🙂

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    • This means so much to me ❤ Thanks so much for your beautiful words :-* Your blogs also bring a smile to my face! You're helping me keep up with the fashion trends in this busy life 🙂 xx


    • Aww, so young! 🙂 You’ll surely be a different person by your 30s but in the best way possible 😉 But… you have so much time in your twenties left!! Aaaah, make the most of it :)) 24 was my best year! 🙂

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